I was served an eviction notice and a family friend recommended Attorney Molleur. I had never faced an eviction before, and I was extremely nervous and scared. My landlord had pursued a baseless eviction and had repeatedly harassed me. Attorney Molleur was very reassuring and confident. Not only did he advise me of my rights, he fought for my rights. When we went to the mediation, it was clear that he was more prepared and knew more about the case than anyone in the room, including my landlord’s attorney. Not only was my eviction action dismissed, but I was able to stay in my apartment rent free for a year! As a result, I was able to save the money needed to find a new place to live and move on with my life. Thank you so much Jonathan. I would highly recommend Attorney Molleur.

Carmelo – Fitchburg MA.


Attorney Molleur came highly recommended, and I now see why. I misunderstood the court proceedings and failed to appear for my housing trial. Attorney Molleur acted quickly, drafted a motion to the court and got my case reopened. He advocated for me at my mediation and got me a very favorable agreement and as a result, the landlord ended up dismissing his eviction action against me. Throughout the entire process he was very attentive and always returned my phone calls. I would highly recommend Attorney Molleur for any Housing matter, he is passionate, knowledgeable, and most of all, he gets good results!

Patrick – Marlboro, MA.


Jonathan will definitely fight for you. He is a voice for people who don’t have one. Jonathan kept me and my family in my home!

Kesha  – Marlboro MA.


My tenant just stopped paying rent. This was my first time going through the summary process and I didn’t know what to do. Attorney Molleur was very helpful and navigated me through the entire summary process. He got me a very favorable agreement in the housing court. I felt very comfortable with him and he took the time needed to resolve my case in a favorable fashion.

Nam – Worcester, MA.


I could tell from the beginning that I was more than just a client to him. He treated me like a personal friend. One thing that really stood out to me about Jonathan was that he was very knowledgeable in housing law. He has a passion for what he does, and it shows. I had spoken with other attorneys about my case and they said my case was hopeless, but Jonathan got me results. Thank you, Jonathan, for helping me stand up to my Landlord.

Brenda – Webster, MA.


I fell on hard times and was facing an eviction against a big-time property management company. I have never been so scared, me and my family had nowhere to go. Jonathan stepped in and was very caring and understanding. Jonathan did a terrific job! He advocated for me and the company set up a payment plan and I was able to avoid being evicted from my home. Thank you, Jonathan, for saving my family.

Rami – Marlboro, MA.


My landlord was harassing me. I was terrified, I simply did not know my rights. Attorney Molleur had me in for a free consolation and advised me of my rights. He was a beast in both the mediation and the courtroom. He got my landlord’s attorney kicked off my case, his eviction thrown out, and made my landlord pay me money!! My landlord also had to pay for Attorney Molleur’s services for my defense. I am so glad I hired Attorney Molleur, he is definitely a heavy hitter in the courtroom.

Kirsten – Worcester, MA.


My landlord kept my security deposit after I moved out and would not return it. Attorney Molleur drafted an email demanding she return it. She ignored his email. Big mistake, Attorney Molleur made her pay. Attorney Molleur and his associate got me my security deposit back three times over! Best part is I didn’t have to pay either of them anything, Attorney Molleur made my landlord pay his fee. Simply amazing! This guy is the real deal!

Stephen – The Berkshires


I have used Attorney Molleur on numerous occasions. He is always responsive, caring, and knowledgeable. I own a property management company and Attorney Molleur has led me through numerous successful evictions. I would highly recommend Attorney Molleur.

Madelene – Springfield, MA.


I had a tenant who was tearing up my apartment and would not pay rent. I hired Attorney Molleur and he got me the results I needed. He served my Tenant with a fault-based notice to quit and the problem tenant was gone, I did not even need to file in court. I would definitely use Attorney Molleur again. He loves what he does and takes the time to do things right.

Madelene – Worcester, MA.


I was being bullied by my landlord. When I had nowhere to turn Jonathan was there. He saved me from eviction. He stood up to my landlord and got me a monetary award and three months’ rent free. Thank you, Jonathan, for fighting for my rights

Janet – Webster, MA.


My apartment was falling apart. Every time I asked my landlord to fix the problems, he did nothing. I contacted Jonathan and he filed an action in the Worcester, Housing Court against my landlord. At first I was skeptical, but Jonathan was very confident and reassuring. Once the day for trial came, I could see that Jonathan was very prepared. He showed up to court with caselaw and took time to explain it to me. When we went to mediation neither the landlord nor his attorney wanted anything to do with him. Jonathan got me a settlement of $7000! I had my money in a week. I’m so glad I trusted him. This guy is a winner!

Patrick – Worcester, MA.


 Mr. Molleur is an efficient and comprehensive attorney in the court room. He has a vast knowledge of landlord-tenant law. He made sure I was prepared for any problems that came up along the way. I would highly recommend Jonathan for any landlord tenant matter.

Jay – Worcester, MA.



Criminal Testimonials

I was pulled over for absolutely nothing! I was charged with Operating Under the influence of drugs, and child endangerment. Jonathan walked me through every step of the legal process and kept my head on straight from the beginning. He answered my phone calls no matter when I called and he always made time for me. When the D.A. offered me a plea deal Attorney Molleur advised me of my options and as a result, I took my case to trial. I have never even been arrested before let alone a criminal trial. I trusted Attorney Molleur’s judgement and boy am I glad I did. He won at trial and I was acquitted on all counts. Simply put, don’t go to court without this guy. Thank you, Jonathan, you’re the best!!

Melissa – Southbridge, MA.


Attorney Molleur represented me in an OUI case. This was my first OUI and Jonathan was there to take my call on a Saturday. He met with me several times and assured me everything would be ok. He met with me the day before trial and thoroughly prepared me for what was going to happen. On the day of trial, he again assured me everything would be ok. When it came time for trial he was aggressive in the courtroom, and knew what he was doing. He had the right strategy and executed it perfectly. The end result was not guilty on all counts! I hope I am never in a courtroom again but if I am, I know who to call. He under promised and over delivered. Fantastic Lawyer.

Jose  – Southbridge, MA.


I was charged with receiving stolen property. I had never been convicted of any offense. Jonathan got my case dismissed on my second court date! So thankful for your help.

Joel  – Holyoke, MA.


I got attacked while I was on the phone. I protected myself and the police charged me with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. I was going to take a plea, but Jonathan advised me that I had a case of self-defense. I trusted Jonathan’s advice and we went to trial. Jonathan was amazing at trial and I was found not guilty of all charges. Jonathan is the man! I would highly recommend him.

Angel – West Boylston, MA.


I had never been arrested before and I was so worried. Jonathan was confident and caring. He wrote a motion for me and the next thing I know my case was dismissed. Jonathan is my Lawyer for life!

Deanna  – Webster, MA.


I was charged with domestic assault and battery. I couldn’t understand why I was charged. It was only a verbal argument between me and my wife. I hired Jonathan and instantly I felt very comfortable with him. He took the time to explain the process and the law about Domestic Violence. Ultimately, Jonathan got my case dismissed. Thank you Jonathan, I am truly grateful for your hard work.

Freddie – Lancaster, MA.


Jonathan is an awesome lawyer and a great guy. He got all my charges dismissed. I couldn’t believe it!

Kevin – Pittsfield, MA.



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