The crime of Disorderly conduct is a public order offense and is mentioned but not defined under G.L. c. 272 § 53. Past court decisions such as Commonwealth v A. juvenile, 368 Mass. 580 (1975) Define this crime:

The Defendant purposely caused or recklessly created a risk;

Of public inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm;

By one of the following types of conduct:
Agitated or Tumultuous behavior;
Creating a hazard or physically offensive condition by any act that served no legitimate purpose; or
Threatening to use force.


1st offense: fine of not more than $150.00;
2nd or subsequent offense: Not more than six months committed to House of Correction and/or fine not more than $200.00.

While this crime is only considered a misdemeanor, it can leave a permanent stain on your criminal record. The good news is the elements of this crime can be difficult to prove as they are highly subjective. If you have been charged with this crime you need an experienced Attorney that will fight for your rights. We have had tremendous success in this area of our practice. Call 508.579.8333 now for a free consolation.

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